What If Chronic Pain No Longer Held You Back?


If you’re a people pleaser or perfectionist, have had chronic pain for over a year, and beyond frustrated that nothing you do seems to be working…


Let me show you another way.


A way that turns towards the pain with compassion & understanding. 


And in the process, alleviates the pain & allows you to live a fulfilled life on YOUR terms. 

If You Are…

Silently Suffering

You are a go-getter. The person who takes care of everyone without hesitation.
You may be a mother, businesswoman, community activist and/or one heck of an organizer!
From the outside, you appear to be doing it all. But inside? You’re silently suffering.

Fearful of not being able to be as active as you want to be

Are you missing out on caring for or playing with your children?
You used to be active & actually loved exercising, but now your body won’t let you.

Struggling with chronic pain that doesn’t seem to go away
no matter what you’ve tried

It might even feel like this is somehow your fault or that you’re causing your own misery.

Can You Instead Imagine…

Being as active as you want?

Yoga? Crossfit? Spontaneous hike?  No problem.  You know exactly how to prep & recover. 
No more saying no to workouts that feel great because of your back!.

Confidently lifting and chasing your kids?

Imagine lifting your baby high above your head to see their giggling face. 
Or finally getting to wrestle with rambunctious toddler.

Waking up feeling energized & ready to tackle your day?

Imagine waking up on the right side of the bed. 
Clear, confident & actually starting your day in a great mood.

Even if it feels scary or not quite possible…

I’m here to tell you: You can get your life back

When you’ve been in pain, it can be hard to hold this vision for yourself.  But you’re also someone who
deeply wants this to be possible for you.  
All you need is the desire & openness.  I’ll show you the how.


I’m Andrea

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist
Functional Nutritional Therapy Pracitioner
Certified Life Coach 

I’m here to free you from your chronic pain & be the guide on your healing journey.

Why me?  Because not only do I have 10 years of experience helping others heal their pain, I have also been there myself.  I’ve felt completely broken and worthless because of my chronic pain.

And I want you to get better faster than I was able to, because I can now share everything that has worked (and hasn’t worked!).  I’ll provide you with practical, positive & effective techniques that will lay down the path for your healing journey in manageable, bite-sized pieces.

I bring together cutting edge neuroscience & conventional therapies alongside holistic treatments with a dash of woo-woo to bring you the best individualized care from both worlds.


Chelsie H.

“My biggest challenge before working together was dealing with feelings of
regret, shame and remorse. I felt like I had caused this re-injury by not taking
care of myself as I knew I should and had a lot of negative self talk which was
adding to the stress and probably some of the pain I was feeling. The biggest take
aways for me were that the pain I was feeling although it was uncomfortable I
had the power to shift how my mind and body reacted to the pain and was able
to learn methods to calm my body down so I could focus on what really needed
my attention in order to recover. The other big take away was realizing how
much stress and my schedule were impacting my health and well being. I was
able to find small ways to shift things to make time for caring for myself.”

Heather Sankey

“Growth is hard; it’s uncomfortable, challenging and overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start.  In working with Dr. Andrea she immediately met me where I am.  I am someone who has a difficult time not doing things perfect and the “right way” the first time.  She helped me develop skills and a mindset where I could be gentle with myself and know that one misstep doesn’t mean failure, it just means you have to try again.  One of the best tools she gave me was how to shift my language.  Stress or a mistake isn’t something that we need to avoid, it’s something we need to embrace, learn from, and use it to propel us to continue to move forward.  Dr. Andrea helped me learn how to dream again about things in life I was scared to dream about (family, career, big goals, etc.).  I cannot thank you enough for all of the things you have taught me and compassion you gave me along the way.”

Claire L.

“Andrea’s consultancy takes a 360 perspective of wellness and helps you
understand how different elements of your lifestyle impact each other. Her
positive and practical approach helps you build a framework for success and
identify realistic and empowering action steps toward meeting your goals… This
program tackles a range of interconnected issues in fascinating, bite size chunks
ensuring every exercise and interaction with Andrea is relevant, manageable,
and directed towards getting you closer to who you want to be.”

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