Ready to drop the struggle with your chronic pain?

Is Trying to Get Rid of Your Pain Exhausting You?

  • You’ve had the thought a million times: “HELL YES!  Time to make some changes, so I can have more energy, less pain and feel amazing!”
  • You thought: “This is finally going to be the treatment that fixes me”
  • You felt ready to implement a suggested program of exercises/other recommended changes…

But then…

  • You found yourself overwhelmed, anxious & unable to follow through
  • The program was too hard or too painful
  • You were starting to notice changes, but then you ‘overdid’ it that one day, and are still paying for it.

The truth is, there is no one perfect “just follow these steps” program that will magically make you pain free.

So if you’re done with quick fixes that cost you time & money, and instead want to feel at home in your body and focus on the things that ACTUALLY matter to you (ya know, like friends, family, career & personal hobbies and passions…), then click the button below to get a personalized recommendation on the best way to begin your healing now.

I already know what you’re thinking – “ugh, another ‘cure’ that won’t work.”

 And I get it. 

And let me be clear – I am not claiming some magic cure.  If those worked, you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Anyone with chronic pain has been through A LOT & tried a lot.  But many treatments neglect to address the many components that lead to pain.  It is comparable to sitting on 10 thumbtacks and removing just 1.  Your pain doesn’t really get that much better, does it? 

Instead of just focusing on removing one specific “thumbtack” we will be working together as a team — from the safety of your own home — to not only identify all of the different pieces, but also identify the best way to address each one. 

Lastly – and the most crucial part – I will be working closely with you to develop & learn how to carry out any action steps needed.  Because just learning you need to do something does NOT mean you are going to do it (c’mon – be real with yourself!!  This is normal!)

Ready to jump on a FREE, no-obligation discovery call where you can share your personal story and I can guide you through the next best steps you can take to achieving the life YOU want?  

Remember: addressing your pain should lead to increased health & make your life EASIER – not harder!


In trying to address my own pain, I’ve felt the whole range of feeling restricted, limited, confused, and just plain worse by trying to follow guidelines.  I often felt like I was taking 1 step forward, 4 steps back (either physically, emotionally or socially!)


Through implementing healthy habits, learning about my body & how it communicates with me, I was able to rid myself of achy & painful joints, get off ADHD & depression medications, heal myself from a concussion (which I was told I wouldn’t ever be able to), and rid myself of other random digestive issues, PMS and anxiety.

It wasn’t an easy road, and let’s face it, health isn’t a destination you arrive at & then magically stay at if you abandon all the healthy habits it took to get you there in the first place.

And that is often the hardest part.

Maintaining everything you worked so hard for and not just letting it all slip through the cracks because you danced a little too much in your kitchen, or maybe ate one too many donuts.

With clients & myself over the years, I’ve realized common factors that allow people to trade feelings anxiety & overwhelm for confidence, control, comfort, sustainability & freedom.


When you become the expert in your own body, you are free to live your life the way you choose.


If you’re ready to show up for yourself, then sign up for a free discovery session now!  If that sounds terrifying, then YES – still sign up & let’s break that down, too!

During this call, we will create a vision for your life and health and I’ll provide clarity on the next best steps to start your journey to achieving this!

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